Chemical Compatibility

IMTEX Controls offer various materials of construction for the mechanical platforms used in the production of valve position monitors. The following chemical compatibility guide is produced to assist customers in selecting the best material of construction for specific applications.

The chart is only a guide and although this will provide assistance in the correct material selection, it is not intended as a substitute for careful testing of a specific product in the customer’s own operating environment.

For additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact IMTEX Technical Sales.

A Excellent (Recommended)
B Good (Special conditions may apply)
X Not recommended
FC Polycarbonate only – Fusion coating recommended
NT No test data or experience available

chemical polycarbonate aluminium urethane coating stainless steel chemical polycarbonate aluminium urethane coating stainless steel
Acetic Acid B A B A Methane NT A NT B
Acetone FC A U A Methyl Chloride FC X A A
Acetylene NT A A A Methyl Ethyl Ketone FC B B A
Alcohol, Amyl- FC B A A Methylene Chloride FC B A A
Alcohol, Butyl- FC B A A Naptha FC A A B
Alcohol, Butyl- FC B A B Natural Gas NT A NT A
Ammonia, Liquid NT A A A Nickel Chloride FC X A B
Ammonium Hydroxide FC B A B Nitric Acid (10%) A B A A
Beer A A A A Nitric Acid (80%) B X X B
Benzene FC FC B B A Nitrous Oxide NT X NT B
Boric Acid A B A B Oils (Animal) B A A A
Brine B X NT B Oil (Diesel) A A A A
Bromine FC X X X Oil (Mineral) B A A A
Calcium Carbonate NT X A B Phosphoric Acid (85%) B X B A
Calcium Chloride A B A B Potassium Chloride A X A B
Carbon Tetrachloride FC X A B Potassium Hydroxide (10%) FC X A A
Chlorine FC B NT B Potassium Hydroxide (70%) FC X A A
Chromic Acid B X B X Potassium Phosphate NT X NT A
Citric Acid B X A A Propane (LP Gas) A A A B
Creosote FC B NT A Soaps & Detergents B B A A
Ethyl Chloride NT NT A A Sodium Chloride A B A B
Ethylene NT A NT A Sodium Hydroxide (10%) B X A A
Ethylene Oxide NT X A B Sodium Hydroxide (50%) FC X A B
Fluorine NT B X A Sodium Phosphate FC X A A
Freon NT B A A Sulphur Dioxide B B A A
Gasoline FC A A A Sulphuric Acid A X A X
Heptane B A A A Tannic Acid B B A B
Hexane B A A A Toluol FC A B A
Hydrochloric Acid (10%) A X A X Toluene FC A B A
Hydrogen Gas NT A NT A Turpentine B B B B
Hydrogen Peroxide A A B B Urea A B NT B
Hydrogen Sulphide A B A A Vinyl Chloride NT B NT B
Isopropyl Ether A A X A Water, Potable A B A A
Jet Fuel (JP 4, 5, 6) NT A A A Water, Salt A X A A
Kerosene NT A A A Water, Sea A X A B

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