Oil & Gas Technology Roadshow 2015

Roadshow to visit Aberdeen & Dunfermline during June

2015 Oil & Gas UK Roadshow Banner

Commencing 2nd June 2015, IMTEX Controls will be participating along with a number of other suppliers providing a number of different processes, services and technologies in an Oil & Gas Technology Roadshow stopping at different locations in Scotland.

The concept is an ideal opportunity for customers to meet with key suppliers face to face with the minimum of disruption and time commitment for the customer visiting. As the roadshow takes the different processes, services and technologies to the companies directly, it means visitors need only allocate a simple half hour away from their desk rather than the whole day or more that would be required to visit a conventional trade exhibition.

The Oil & Gas Technology Roadshow is scheduled to visit a number of major sites in the Aberdeen and Dunfermline areas during its three week Tour.

IMTEX will be exhibiting examples for their full range of Valve Actuation and Communication products.

2015 Oil & Gas UK Roadshow

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