Meet the Team: John Rolton

John Rolton IMTEXFind out more about IMTEX Engineering Co-ordinator John Rolton

1 What is your position in IMTEX?

My official title is Engineering Co-ordinator.

2 What are your main duties?

My main role day-to-day is to ensure that customers receive their orders on time. To achieve this the day will normally begin with inspection of work due out that day and ensuring personnel are allocated to jobs requiring attention to maintain the future schedule. Any issues are addressed at the morning production meeting. When this has been done my remit for the day can take me virtually anywhere – from Quality Control and material Inspection to providing technical support to clients in the field or over the phone or getting hands on and ensuring the job is built correctly.

3 When did you start working for IMTEX?

I started working at Imtex Controls in June 2008. Over the 6 years I’ve been here my role has been varied and interesting, anything from draftsman to field service engineer, quality control inspector to being responsible for the running of the production facility.

4 What is your previous work experience before IMTEX?

Before I worked for Imtex Controls I was an Engineering Officer for Carnival UK. I worked on board MV Dawn Princess, MV Queen Mary 2 and MV Oceana, spending most of my time in the Caribbean or on the Atlantic crossing from Southampton to New York. The role was initially as a junior officer being hands on in the engine room running and maintaining all ships systems but progressed to a more senior role spending more time in the engine control room monitoring the ships systems or directing day work with the fitters.

5 What achievement are you most proud of to date at IMTEX?

Products that I have built have been installed in locations all over the world and have been performing their job correctly and without issue for years in some of the most demanding and harsh environments that you can work in. That switch box or actuator that was built here in North Wales has been functioning correctly, performing its role successfully in the larger scale system somewhere I have never been. That’s pretty impressive!

6 What are your ambitions?

My first day with the company I was working with 1 other person turning an empty factory unit into an assembly and production facility. I now come to work everyday and the car park is full. The offices and upstairs assembly areas have full time staff working in them and the main production area on the shop floor is busy with activity. I am incredibly proud of being part of a company that I have worked hard to help grow and look forward to seeing where the continued expansion allows my career to develop next.

7 What are your interests outside of work?

In my time outside of work I enjoy sea fishing and I’m very lucky that my wife enjoys it with me. We also go sea kayaking and surfing in some beautiful spots on the North Wales coast and on Anglesey. If it’s a beach or surf zone activity we’ll be there! I’m also enjoying living a slightly more self sufficient life style, brewing our own beer and wine, growing a lot of our vegetables and raising life stock for the table.

8 Tell us something people would not normally know about yourself

I have been known to jump into the odd river with a gold pan and amazingly had some very small amounts of success!


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